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Open Google Maps in on iOS 6

With iOS 6 Apple decided to remove Google maps and replace it with their own solution. In my opinion the new maps is a lot better. But there is one thing that annoys me. Some apps which have not been updated will open maps links using “” (Instagram is an example) which means they will open up in Safari not the maps app.

To combat this I have created a little bookmark. When an app opens a map link in Safari, all you have to do it go to your bookmarks and tap it. It will then open the same link, with the attributes in the maps app.

For instructions on adding the bookmark just visit this site on your iPhone/iPad. You can also add it from your Computer to be synced using a link on that site too.

If you are on the desktop and wish to add it to your bookmarks bar for syncing, then just drag the link below to your bookmarks bar.

Open in Maps

  • MattB

    This is a nice tool. I find I get some google links that include custom POI names plus the coordinates like this Rooms in great home in inner city @51.055874,-114.118210

    Using your script maps will call up the right area but then tried to search for the poi which doesn’t exist (and never would exist) and can’t find it, so I get a message but no pin

    Is there any way your script can handle this?


    • Christian Turkoanje

      It is hard to do something like this because Some Google maps links have separate parameters for location and POI, and then some have the POI and location in the same parameter.

      Since the script is sever side and the bookmark calls the script on the server, you will always get the most recent version if I push out any updates without any work on your end.