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What is Google+ and why you should quit Facebook and join

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Google+ may still be invite only but that has not stopped almost 10 million (?) users from signing up. Since Google+ has only been out just over a week some people still don’t know what it is and how do they sign up.

First, what is Google+?   Google+ is a new social network by Google. Yea, yea, the world does not need a new social network some might say and thats where they are wrong. It brings together the best of Facebook and Twitter into one lightweight social network.

Second, why is Google+ better?  Google+ is better because it is. This comic sums it all up:

 Well how is it better than Facebook? Well for one there is something called circles, circles are a list of your “followers” in a sense. You have different circles for different groups of circles. So you can have a circle called Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Douchebags, and more. This way when you want to share something you may only want to share it with a group of people. So that picture of you and your underage drinking buddies can be shared with Friends only and not your Family or Co-workers. Google has a really good video explaining this.[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″]ocPeAdpe_A8[/youtube]

And then you can always add some comedy in there too: [youtube width=”560″ height=”349″]BwvygI2xKGM[/youtube]

Another thing that makes Google+ even better is that there are no Apps. So you will never see those annoying Farmville, Mafia Wars, OMG Look what this gird did after her father commented on her post messages on your feed anymore. Plus you cannot get “hacked”.

So, how do I join Google+?  Well this is a little tricky, currently Google+ is invite only. That means unless you know someone who has Google+ you cannot get it. However there are some sites where you can sign up and they will send out a mass invite. I never tried it before so I won’t post a link. You can try using this link. It may just work.

Oh, yea, do not forget to add me on Google+ =)

  • iPadoogle

    Nice article. Be sure to add your Google+ ID at and build a “Circle” of people in your city!